Inchelium Red Artichoke Certified Organic Garlic


A reliable and productive strain developed and selected for here, at Whistling Duck Farm. This variety is harvested mid-season, has easy-to-peel cloves, and stores well.

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This is a Whistling Duck Strain. For market sales it’s hard to beat this high-producing, flavorful garlic. It’s been our mainstay for 30 years! This variety originally came from the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State and has won awards for flavor. We’ve been growing and selecting to develop our own reliable, productive strain, with nice bulb shape and large cloves. It’s our best all-around garlic, with a strong following amongst our chefs and market customers. Flavor is mild but rich, not overpowering, can be used raw or cooked. Bulbs can get very large, 3-4″ across, with big easy-peel cloves. With 12-16 cloves per bulb, yields from seed weight are also great. Mid-season harvest, stores well.

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Inchelium Red Artichoke Certified Organic Garlic 2
Inchelium Red Artichoke Certified Organic Garlic