Our Story

Over 30 Years of Organic Farming

In Southern Oregon

Our Story

Whistling Duck Farm began in 1991 in the Cascades of Southern Oregon. Over 30 years later, our farmstead is now located in the beautiful Applegate Valley, growing beyond certified organic fresh produce, gourmet garlic and seed crops to incorporate an on-site storefront, a certified kitchen and fermentaria and this ecommerce site. Our farm is over 22 acres, encompassing Class 1 soils, water from the Applegate River and our full-service Store in an historic circa-1947 curved-roof barn right on highway 238. We’ve added an energy-efficient straw bale home and a grid-tied PV solar system, allowing us to tread lightly as we implement our vision. Our marketplace and community continues to expand, as we share our rich abundance throughout Southern Oregon and beyond. Thanks for joining us on this grand adventure!

Mary and Vince Alionis and family, and the whole farm team

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