Organic Seed Garlic

We have been growing garlic since 1991, and have the great advantage of a climate that allows us to grow most varieties well. Our garlic seed comes from stock we’ve developed over the years on our farm, with some varieties a result of over 25 years of selection for the best quality bulbs.  We only grow and sell garlic seed from varieties that perform well for us. Over the 28 years we’ve farmed, on three different sites, we’ve seen a wide range of growing conditions; from clay soils to silty; from cold and dry to too-wet-to-cultivate in the late winter; from cool, wet springs where nothing wants to grow and hot spring-summers when we’re irrigating in late March. These varieties have been productive and reliable enough for us as farmers to grow, and resilient enough to handle less-than-perfect conditions. Additionally we have chosen varieties which keep well for their type to ensure the longest possible sales and culinary window for farmers and gardeners.

Garlic requires a cold spell in its growing cycle to make a bulb. Apart from that requirement, there’s a type of garlic for just about every climate. As a basic rule, Softnecks prefer warmer conditions and Hardnecks prefer colder conditions. Many regions of the country can grow both, but if you have more extreme conditions, select those varieties best suited to your site. Additionally, softnecks tend to store better, especially Silverskins and Creoles, while Turbans generally have the shortest storage window.

We’ve found that the most important factors in producing great garlic, after variety selection and seed quality, is good fertilization, both at plant-out and in the late winter as growth resumes, and good early weed control, up to about early May. Garlics are shallow-rooted so cannot handle excessive hoeing if weeds get out of control, and they don’t compete well. Mulching or diligent weeding out of young weeds is a must. In hot dry springs, adequate watering in May and June prior to harvest dry-down will maintain plant health and keep pests from invading and slowing down growth. We also highly recommend a good, comprehensive soil test, beyond simply N-P-K, even for home gardeners. Organic amendments can be expensive and it’s a huge benefit to know what your soil actually needs. Fertilize correctly and you’ll be amazed at the difference in plant health, vigor and flavor! Check out our Garlic FAQs page for more growing information. If you need a copy of our organic certification you can access it here.


May 21, 2019
Welcome to our 2019 season! We’ve  had abundant rains this year and our garlic looks great, sizing up nicely and beginning to scape. We will begin  harvest in about a month, and will ship beginning in September. Email us if you are interested in bulk amounts of any varieties and we’ll get you a quote with shipping right away!
Southern Oregon locals – we will have our seed garlic available at our Farm Store beginning in September, so stop by if you would like to pick up some varieties for your farms or gardens. You can also email in your order and we’ll have it packed for you when you arrive!

Silverskins and Artichokes: 

$11 for 8 oz., $18.00 per lb.

Bulk pricing: 15 – 25 lbs.  – $16.50 per lb.  25-40 lbs.  – $15.50 per lb.
40+ lbs. $14.50 per lb.

Purple Stripes, Marbled, Turbans, Asiatics, Creoles and Porcelains: 

$12 for 8 oz., $19.50 per lb.

Bulk pricing when available: 15 – 25 lbs.  – $18.50 per lb.  25 – 40 lbs.  $17.50 per lb.
40+ lbs. $16.50 lb.

Gardener’s Variety Pack:

8 @ 8 oz. (4 lbs.) – $85.00

Homesteader’s Variety Pack:

8 @ 1 lb. – $145.00

For orders over 20 lbs. total weight, we will ship by UPS and will need to calculate shipping based on your address.

To order at bulk pricing, or to order quantities over 20 lbs. total, or to pay by check:

please email us your order with your mailing address and we’ll get back with you with a total due and mailing address to send a check, or invoice via Paypal.


but first... some delicious SHALLOTS!

Set-grown Shallots

We have a limited supply of these culinary treats. European set-grown shallots are referred to as "true  shallots" are only grown from sets, not seed. They have a unique, mild sweet flavor that is much sought-after. Plant at the same time as garlic, on about an 8"- 10" spacing in the row, and they will form a clump of shallots from each individual set.

Dutch Yellow

Dutch Yellow shallots have thin skins  and are easy to peel. They have a unique mild sweet flavor that is much sought-after. High-yielding and delicious!

8 oz. - $13

1 lb. - $20


...a diversity of garlic

Plant all of our main types of garlic and enjoy a range of flavors all season, from early summer harvest to storage into spring.


Gardener's Pack

4 lb. seed garlic pack contains eight 8 oz. bags, one of each type of garlic we offer, with the exception of Porcelains. We'll consider your location and choose the varieties.

4 lbs. - $85

Homesteader's Pack

8 lb. seed garlic pack contains eight one lb. bags, one of each of each type we offer, with the exception of Porcelains. We'll consider your location and choose the varieties.

8 lbs. - $145



Artichoke varieties are reliable, vigorous, long keeping and easy to grow. Their bulbs are large and their cloves tend to be big and easy to peel. Plus, they store nearly as well as silverskins. If there’s only room for one garlic in your garden or on your farm, this is the one to grow.

Inchelium Red – Whistling Duck Strain

For market sales it's hard to beat this high-producing, flavorful garlic. It's been our mainstay for over 20 years! This variety originally came from the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State and has won awards for flavor. We’ve been growing and selecting to develop our own reliable, productive strain, with nice bulb shape and large cloves. It’s our best all-around garlic, with a strong following amongst our chefs and market customers. Flavor is mild but rich, not overpowering, can be used raw or cooked. Bulbs can get very large, 3-4″ across, with big easy-peel cloves. Our 2013 crop averaged 4-5 bulbs to the pound! With 15-20 cloves per bulb, yields from seed weight are also great. Mid-season harvest, stores well. Also available in bulk quantities. Please contact us for a quote. cleaned_inchelium_garlic inchelium_garlic inchelium

8 oz. – $11

1 lb. – $18

Lorz Italian

A big flavorful artichoke type, this variety is an Italian heirloom brought to WResized952017091695102027ashington State in the early 1900's. It has a nice spicy flavor and is part of the Slow Food, USA Ark of Taste, committed to preserving the best heirloom foods. It matures early and reliably produces large bulbs with big cloves, with a high ratio of seed to harvest yield. A great "workhorse" garlic for market or home use.

8 oz. – $11

1 lb. – $18


Silverskins have shiny, clean white wrappers and thin strong necks, which makes beautiful braids.  They harvest fairly late and keep the longest of all the varieties, providing fresh garlic well into spring, until you can harvest the first fresh garlic from the new season.

Silverskin – Whistling Duck Strain

silverskinA beautiful garlic with long, red-wrapped cloves and smooth silver-white outer cover. We’ve been selecting this strain for nearly 20 years, focusing on a high percentage of large cloves and a large overall bulb size. Makes great braids and is an excellent keeper. Strong-flavored cloves are fairly large and peel easily for a silverskin type. Bulbs can be large. Late harvest.

Available in bulk quantities. Please contact us for a quote.

8 oz. – $11

1 lb. – $18

Silver Rose

silverroseSmooth silvery-white bulbs with red-wrapped cloves. Excellent for braids and keeps well, with a medium-strong flavor. Also available in bulk quantities. Please contact us for a quote.

8 oz. – $11

1 lb. – $18



Chinese Pink Turban

pinkHigh yields, nice scapes and early harvest and make this an awesome farmer's market garlic! Great for pulling before cured to sell as fresh garlic since they bulb earlier than most. It's big, attractive, with big easy-peel cloves, great for first garlic at market, and first in the kitchen. Taste is rich and fresh after a long winter waiting for the new crop. Harvest is early, just after German Red and Spanish Roja. Use this variety first for a truly seasonal treat. Also available in bulk quantities. Please contact us for a quote.  

8 oz.- $12

1 lb.- $19.50

White Turban

white turbanUnique, beautiful pure white Turban, known as "White Crookneck" in Australia. Provides nice contrast in an early market display with purple turbans. Reliable and productive, large bulbs have nice flavor raw, with a fresh garlicy flavor sautéed. Very early harvest like other turbans, for first garlic scapes and first fresh garlic at market.

8 oz. - $12

1 lb. - $19.50

Basque Turban


A wonderful turban that came to us by way of Garlicana Farm in nearby Tiller, Oregon. A big, beautiful garlic, maturing early and great for first markets. Has a quick heat when raw, a delicious way to start the garlic season. Early harvest.

Also available in bulk quantities. Please contact us for a quote.

8 oz.- $12

1 lb.- $19.50

Red German Turban

german_redThis is a reliable, productive garlic, grown in Oregon for  generations. It is very similar to our Roja, but a tiny bit earlier. Like our Roja, our Red German came to us described as a rocambole, however we have since determined it to be a turban, which also means it's easy to  grow to nice big heads. Very spicy-hot raw, but rich and sweet when roasted. Medium-large bulbs with large easy-peel cloves. Earliest harvest, and keeps reasonably well, into winter. Also available in bulk quantities. Please contact us for a quote.

8 oz.– $12

1 lb.– $19.50

Red Spanish Turban

rojaThis came to us described as Spanish Roja, a rocambole, but like many strains of this type, we've determined it is in  fact a turban, with large bulbs and big easy-peel cloves, about 8-12 per bulb. Cooked flavor is sweet and spicy, making it a delicious roaster. Handles colder winters well. Easy to grow, with early harvest, but stores reliably until winter. This variety has been a customer favorite for many years, both on the farm and garden and in the kitchen. Also available in bulk quantities. Please contact us for a quote.

8 oz.– $12

1 lb.– $19.50


Porcelain types are loved for their large, flavorful cloves, rich and sweet like Rocomboles. Their clove wrappers are tighter when grown in Northern regions so they tend to keep longer there. In general, bulbs have more cloves when grown at lower latitudes, less at higher latitudes. Our bulbs grown here average 6-8 cloves. Porcelains also reliably produce great scapes for spring harvest.  

Krasnodar White

kraznador The most productive Porcelain we grow, with reliably large bulbs. Since Krasnodar is a more recently domesticated strain, it is more vigorous than most porcelain types. Hot raw, with a delicious nutty flavor when roasted. High in allicin like other porcelains. From the province of Krasnodar near the Black Sea. Can produce true seed, which our fellow grower Avram at Garlicana has been developing selections from. Also available in bulk quantities. Please contact us for a quote. .

8 oz.– $12

1 lb.– $19.50

German White Hardy

german_porcelanThis garlic is very similar to Music and is great for cold climes. Beautiful large bulbs, often with purple on the wrapper. Red-wrapped cloves are big and easy-peel with excellent spicy flavor. High in allicin like other porcelains. 6-8 cloves per bulb. Mid-late harvest. Available in bulk quantities. Email for pricing with shipping.

8 oz.– $12

1 lb.– $19.50


Purple Stripes are beautiful garlics, with purple on both bulb and clove wrappers. They typically have 8-14 cloves per bulb, which are elongated, crescent-shaped and fairly easy-peel. Storage is on a par with Porcelains, better than Rocomboles, Asiatics and Artichokes but not as long as Creoles and Silverskins. Their flavor is considered excellent, especially when roasted. Purple stripes also produce nice 3/4-curled scapes, for spring treats while waiting for the garlic to size up.

Glazed and Marbled Purple Stripes are subtypes, both with slightly less cloves per bulb than the main type. Marbled types tend to store longer than the standard.

Chimyan Marbled

This is Farmer Mary's new favorite! Chimyan is a wild-harvested variety from near Chimyan mountain in Uzbekistan. The sturdy plants have thick double-curled scapes and reliably produce good-sized bulbs with 5-8 large cloves. Raw, this garlic starts hot and finishes fresh and garlic-y without any bitterness; it's so sweet and delicious cooked. We've been impressed with how well Chimyan stores - it's usually the last variety we have to sell in the spring. Our friend Avram at Garlicana also collects true seed from this variety. Available in bulk quantities. Please email us for a quote.

8 oz. - $12

1 lb. - $19.50

Whistling Duck Marbled

marbledThis is our own classic marbled strain. Excellent flavor, sweetens up when roasted.  Large bulbs with purple-striped wrappers, 8-10 fat cloves per bulb, but occasionally makes 3-4 very large cloves per bulb when stressed. Late harvest. A very adaptable, productive market variety, and keeps well. Also available in bulk quantities. Please email us for a quote.

8 oz.– $12

1 lb.– $19.50

Siberian Marbled

Large bulbs with large brown-wrapped cloves. Lots of heat raw, mid-late harvest. Also available in bulk quantities. Please contact us for a quote.

8 oz.– $12

1 lb.– $19.50

Khabar Marbled

khabarThis Marbled type from Eastern Siberia is very productive, reliably making large bulbs. Pungent and hot, excellent roasted. Mid-late season harvest, stores well. Also available in bulk quantities. Please email us for a quote.

8 oz. - $12

1 lb. - $19.50


Asiatic types are a diverse group of early maturing hard necks, usually producing a u-shaped scape and an extra-long beak, up to 18” long in some varieties. This type tends to be hot when raw, sometimes amazingly so. They typically have 6-10 cloves per bulb, with thick white bulb wrappers. We've been expanding our varieties of this type, and they're rapidly becoming our favorites, due to their interesting diversity and great flavor. The varieties we have in this type tend to emerge late in the fall, after all our others, allowing for flaming the bed for fall weeds before shoots come up. They mature mid-season.

Pyong Yang

From the Northern Korean city of Pyong Yang. Medium-sized purple-striped bulbs with 4-8 long, purple-wrapped cloves. Deceptively mild at first bite, becoming hot and spicy. Nice flavor when baked. Early-mid harvest.         .

8 oz.– $12

1 lb.– $19.50


Creoles are native to the Mediterranean, but do well in much of the US. They tend to be mid-late maturing and store well, almost as well as Silverskins, making them great for first market sales in the Spring. They have been less commonly planted in the U.S. and are a real taste treat, with a bonus of being completely beautiful to look at. The clove wrapper colors are brilliantly saturated reds and magentas.

Creole Red

creole red Our favorite garlic of the year! This particular strain of Creole is a great performer after many years of selection, producing a truly beautiful and abundant crop of large bulbs for us this year. Excellent flavor, raw or cooked. Vibrant colored, larger cloves, 8-12 per bulb. Mid-late harvest, very long keeping. Highly recommended for storage for fresh garlic after other varieties have sprouted, and for first Spring market sales. The Creoles are relatively new on the scene in the U.S. and a great, unique addition to any meal and any market booth. Also available in bulk. Please email for a quote.

8 oz. – $12

1 lb.– $19.50

Aglio Rosso, aka. Rosso Di Sulmona

aglio rosso An excellent, unique red garlic from the Abruzzo region of Italy. This garlic has inspired more stories from our customers than any other. Tales of childhood memories and long searches for a culinary favorite. Sweet, delicate flavor. Mid-late harvest and long keeping.  Also available in bulk quantities. Please email us for a quote.    

8 oz. – $12

1 lb.– $19.50


...wonderful for eating and planting

Our smaller bulbs are great for eating, to taste-test a new variety before planting out, and to grow on close spacing or in bunches for green garlic in the spring. These smaller bulbs can also be grown to mature bulbs, they just won't size up quite as big. But you will get more cloves, and therefore more plants, per pound, and the price per pound is less. Just indicate your preferred variety(ies) in the comments section on Paypal when placing your order.  

Culinary Garlic

These are smaller bulbs, great for eating. These bulbs are also a great way to try out a variety before adding to your garden plan for next year. We also have a Variety Pack - 6 lbs. of any varieties you choose. Get 5 lbs. and the 6th lb. is free! We currently have the  following  varieties  available as culinary: Inchelium Red,  Silverskin, Silver Rose, Creole Red, Aglio Rosso di Sulmona, Whistling Duck Farm Marbled, Spanish Roja, White Turban, Chinese Pink.

Variety Pack - 6 lb. $50

1 lb. – $10

Green Garlic Seed

These are smaller bulbs. Plant on a close spacing or several cloves per hole for harvest as green garlic in the Spring. Always indicate your preferred variety(ies) in the comments section on Paypal when placing your order.        

1 lb. – $10

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