Welcome to Whistling Duck Farm

Whistling Duck Farm is located in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon between Medford and Grants Pass. It is our home, farmstead and livelihood. Our farm is certified organic by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, ecologically based and located on 22 acres of fertile, deep loam soils at an elevation of 1149 ft. Our farming methods, coupled with excellent soils and an ideal climate allow us to grow high quality, nutritious produce for our local community and the highest quality certified organic seed garlic for our fellow farmers and gardeners.

We have been farming in Southern Oregon since 1991, and at our current location since 2003. Through these years we’ve grown a wide range of produce for our Farm Store, local growers’ markets, fine restaurants and natural foods stores. We grow most vegetables that will thrive in our Mediterranean climate, including salad greens, gourmet garlic and other root crops, brassicas, nutrient-dense leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers, melons, squash and small fruits.

Certified Organic Gourmet Garlic Seed

We also trial and grow certified organic gourmet seed garlic, both for our local markets and for farmers and gardeners across the country. Our Mediterranean climate and well-drained soils allow us to grow many varieties of organic garlic. For 2019 we have the following varieties available, including several cultivars we’ve been selecting on our farm for decades:

  • Artichoke seed garlic – Inchelium Red
  • Silverskin seed garlic – Silver Rose, Whistling Duck Silverskin
  • Porcelain seed garlic –  German White, Kraznodar
  • Purple Stripe seed garlic – Chesnok Red, Kishlyk, Siberian Marbled, Whistling Duck Marbled, Khabar, Chimyan, Shavat, Oshala Purple
  • Asiatic seed garlic – Asian Tempest, Pyong Vang
  • Creole seed garlic – Creole Red, Aglio Rosso
  • Turban seed garlic – Chinese Pink, Basque, Whistling Duck German, Whistling Duck Roja

We sell these varieties to restaurants, at our on-farm store and at local farmer’s markets, and we select the best for sale as seed garlic. Click on our “Organic Seed Garlic” heading to purchase our high quality certified organic garlic seed.

On The Farm

Since 2006, we also operate our on-site Farm Store, providing our local community with farm-fresh produce and our own farmstead fermented foods, as well as other locally produced foods and crafts, plus a wide assortment of natural foods. Check out the heading for “Farm Store” for directions. Our location right on Highway 238 provides us an incredible opportunity to not just sell vegetables but to really show our local community what small-scale organic farming is all about.

Our Renewable Energy Project

In July of 2011 we added a new barn to our farm, with a 10.34kw PV grid-tied system on top! This barn provides storage for our garlic seed and winter crops, and provides power to the full barn complex, including the Farm Store, walk-in coolers, workshop, washing facilities and propagation greenhouse.

By successfully integrating for-profit, community-based certified organic farming and ecological land use, we hope to sustain ourselves, raise our children to be happy, self-aware, innovative and purposeful, feed others and provide an example of a viable alternative for farmers, gardeners and consumers alike.

Shop mindfully, garden joyously, eat well.  Join us!

Mary and Vince Alionis and family.

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