The 2012 Garlic Season is on its way!

This Memorial Day weekend our website shopping cart will “Go Live” for 2012 Seed Garlic sales – another season launches!

The weather here in Southern Oregon is still very Spring-like, not appearing to head to Summer any time soon, but the garlic doesn’t seem to mind. It’s sizing up nicely, starting to divide into cloves and fatten up. We’re anticipating harvest starting just after the 4th of July.

We’ve been pulling green garlic from accidental double-plants in the Inchelium Red, but they’ve reached the point of “cloving”, so we’re starting green garlic harvests from the Winter-planted varieties. They’re a bit behind in their progress so we can get a couple more weeks of green garlic sales from them. A few years ago we planted some extra cloves in the Winter and discovered we could extend our season for green garlic this way. We’re always keen to find ways to extend our fresh produce harvests!

We’ve also begun harvesting scapes for market sales. I refer to the scape and green garlic time as “lazy garlic season” since they can be chopped and enjoyed with no peeling. And the flavor is so rich and fresh after the last of the storage garlic is gone.

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