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Whistling Duck Farm job postings, May 2019

Kitchen Manager

Southern Oregon RealFood Fanatics! We are now hiring for our new on-farm kitchen. We are located in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon and use our farm-raised fruits and veggies to make the most awesome foods for sale in our Farm Store. Ferments, fresh foods, elixirs and more, all organic, all the time! We are searching for the right person to work with us to develop all the possibilities our farm and kitchen can offer. Please send inquiries, cover letter and resume to mary@whistlingduckfarm.com.

Assistant manager, Farm Store

Help bring our vision and passion for local food and local businesses to our community in our amazing on-farm store! Ideal candidate is inspired by the excitement of a dynamic, fast-paced, varied and creative workplace; is comfortable working as part of a team on a working farm; is capable of on-the-ground problem-solving and maintaining production and success under changing circumstances; and is knowledgeable of natural foods, organic farming and nutrition. This position requires excellent organizational skills coupled with a flexible, adaptable nature; a keen eye for aesthetic; excellent sales, customer service and communication skills; and a desire to help grow our young, “locavore” store. Please bring prior experience in retail sales and shopfront systems, and a passion for community connection, organic farming, local food and craft, healthy eating and an eco-aware lifestyle.

To apply, please mail or email a detailed cover letter explaining your background and interest in this position along with a current resumé and references.

.Contact us to get full job descriptions if you’re interested. We look forward to hearing from you!

We also often have staff openings throughout the season. Please email us for a listing of available positions and an application. Positions include field, harvest, washing and packing, shipping, greenhouse, fermented food production and storefront. You can drop off your application at the store, or email it back to us.

Find the Application Here. Please email mary@whistlingduckfarm.com

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